The Swiss digital health startup landscape continues to grow. Our team has identified a total of 184 startups for the April 2020 issue of the SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH MAP.

In times of crisis it is especially important to create visibility. Health-Trends takes this to heart and sets an example for young companies in the Swiss digital health environment. So learn more about our latest digital health startup map-update in this blog post. 

Many thanks for the numerous hints from the Swiss startup community, which made the map update for April 2019 possible. Together, we drive the Swiss digital health scene and create transparency for young companies, which is urgently needed in this time of crisis!

Matthias Mettler, Co-Initiator of Health-Trends

Although our map is branded by Health-Trends, it lives from the many and numerous inputs from the Swiss health and innovation community. Therefore we are proud to present you the latest update for April, 2020, in cooperation with many national and international supporters:

The map is divided into 7 different categories, whereby currently most startups can be found in the areas “Data-driven Insights” and “HCP Decision Support”. Learn more about the categories here and download the map in high resolution via the button below.

About the New Joiners

Compared to the last map edition of January 2020, another 7 Swiss digital health startups have been identified, among them:

Afterward, we will briefly introduce you to the 7 newly added startups. The content is based on our online startup survey, with which the individual startups themselves have registered with us. If you now notice that your digital health startup is still missing on the map, see the link at the bottom of the last section. This will take you directly to our online survey and you will be included in the next map update.


​Evoleen builds digital healthcare solutions and brings them to the market. We create ventures in close collaboration with leading industry partners to grow the digital healthcare ecosystem. Learn more about Evoleen here


Healthbrain offers software as a service that fills the gaps toward value-based healthcare. It provides the digitalization of patient-reported outcome measures and any other type of survey. It offers a platform to involve the patient in the therapy and to establish virtual care groups including the patient. Learn more about Healthbrain here

Offers AI-based, hardware-supported digital therapy for people with chronic skin conditions (like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne etc.). Learn more about here


The major unsolved problem in healthcare is the lack of interoperability. We, as semantic catalysator, are providing unlimited connectivity and interfacing. We are empowering the functional eHealth ecosystem. Learn more about niAnaltics here

NXGEN Medical

NXGEN Medical is a cloud-based service provider for medical data analysis. We provide location analysis for new practices (medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacies) and hospitals as well as time-based analysis of specific health data for research purposes. Learn more about NXGEN Medical here

Smart Blood Analytics

Our company is small, flexible and highly specialized in interpreting blood test results. Our mission is to empower the interpretation of blood test results in an unprecedented way. We strongly believe that artificial intelligence can bring enormous benefits to future medical research. Learn more about Smart Blood Analytics here

Swiss Vault

Swiss Vault builds the most advanced data storage systems to manage healthcare data. The systems are easy to install and scale, reduce costs such as energy consumption to 1/10th and space utilization to 1/5th, and can secure data archives for regulatory compliance. Learn more about Swiss Vault here

The SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH MAP is a great initiative to offer an overview over the growing digital health startup scene in Switzerland. We’re very happy to be part of this with, the AI-based digital therapy for chronic skin conditions and your fast-track to a happy skin.

Jeremy Henrichs, Co-Founder & CEO of

Is your startup still missing?

Our next map update will be ready in July, 2020. You can contact us directly via our online survey if your startup is still missing on our map.

We look forward to hear from you and your team. Stay tuned and talk soon!

Your Health-Trends team

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