The topic of digital health is still on the rise in Switzerland: The SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH MAP continued to grow in the second quarter of 2020 and we were able to welcome 10 new startups on our map in July 2020. So learn more about our latest digital health startup map-update in this blog post.

The second quarter of this year was again marked by further growth in our map. Compared to the previous quarterly update at the beginning of April, we welcomed 10 new digital health startups to the map. In the same period, however, the map was adjusted by 4 startups, resulting in a net growth of 6 new startups on the map. These adjustments are due to new information (e.g. discontinuation of business activities, relocation of headquarters abroad, etc.) that reaches us from the community. 

Although our map is branded by Health-Trends, it lives from the many and numerous inputs from the Swiss health and innovation community. These inputs are especially valuable in turbulent times like the ones we are currently experiencing and help us to keep the map up-to-date. At the same time, the map helps to increase the visibility of start-ups in the market and can thus contribute to the overall digital health eco-system in Switzerland. Therefore we are proud to present you the latest update for July 2020, in cooperation with many national and international supporters:


The map is divided into 7 different categories. The division into categories is based on a self-declaration by the startups, which fill out an online survey. Learn more about the categories here and download the map in high resolution via the button below.

About the New Joiners

Compared to the last map edition of April 2020, another 10 Swiss digital health startups have been identified, among them:

Afterward, we will briefly introduce you to the 10 newly added startups. The content is based on our online startup survey, with which the individual startups themselves have registered with us. If you now notice that your own digital health startup is still missing on the map, jump to the link at the bottom of the second last section. This will take you directly to our online survey and you will be included in the next map update.

Aurteen GmbH

Aurteen develops AI-based software for detection and assessment of blinding disorders by looking at images from the back of the eye. Learn more about Aurteen here:

Bottmedical AG

Bottmedical promotes sustainability through bio-based materials and digitalized therapy approaches. In sum, we want to empower self-esteem through a perfect smile and mental vitality with the force and comfort of nature. Learn more about Bottmedical here:

Check Your Health SA

Check Your Health SA wants to make lab testing for consumers affordable and convenient with at home-testing kits which consumers can order on the webpage. Learn more about Check Your Health here:

Clinerion AG

Patients are at the center of everything Clinerion does. We are committed to the early detection, prevention, and cure for all chronic and acute diseases, using our patented technology for the good of patients and society. Learn more about Clinerion here:

Collabree AG

We are a digital adherence start-up focusing on improving therapy compliance of chronically ill patients by applying behavioural economics principles. Learn more about Collabree here:

Emovo Care SA

Emovo Care is a connected care provider that aim to bring movement home for hemiparetic stroke patients. Our first product is a portable robotic hand orthosis that can actively open and close the hand to perform simple functional exercises, directly at home. By combining our solution with an easy-to-use mobile application, the patient can measure and track use and progress, and share the results with their therapist. Learn more about Emovo Care here:

healthy+ AG

Healthy+ offers a knowledge management platform for clinical application purposes. Learn more about healthy+ here:

mdeg GmbH

Innovation in medtech industry nowadays most of the time means digital innovation. This is why we positioned ourselves at the interface of medical device development and digital innovation. We act as full service development parter as well as a solution provider for digital connection of medical devices. Learn more about mdeg here:

medignition AG

Initiate and implement: medignition enables digital innovations with financial resources and our interdisciplinary competencies from the idea through market entry. We focus on digital health and on three core areas – telemedicine, mobile health and knowledge management. Learn more about medigition here:


Most pregnant women who are at risk of preterm birth are hospitalized but end up giving birth at term. REA develops a smart panty liner that analyzes vaginal secretions and alerts the doctor via app if the mom-to-be has to go to the hospital. This solution allows the pregnant woman to be monitored in the comfort of her own home, sparing her from potentially months of unnecessary hospital stays and overtreatment with medications. Learn more about REA here:


mdeg is providing a complete connectivity solution for active medical devices and thus, helping medtech providers to develop new digital functions and services for their own medical devices. We are now happy to be part of the SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH MAP, as it allows us to further increase our reach and visibility in the market.
Daniel Ziegelmayer, mdeg GmbH

The SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH MAP gives us the opportunity to see how Swiss digital health startups are bringing technology to the patients that need it. At REA we develop technologies to improve the lives of pregnant women at risk of premature birth. We are very happy to be featured by Health-Trends together with all the great startups in Switzerland! 
Erick Garcia Cordero, REA AG

We are pleased to join, among other innovative companies, the Swiss Digital Health Map.This is a great recognition as it acknowledges our capacity as an established organization to innovate in an uncertain and changing environment, in difficult times. We will continue to provide the best real-world data analysis and patient recruitment tools to support all pharma stakeholders so they can navigate today’s uncharted waters.
Ian Rentsch, CEO, Clinerion Ltd

Is Your Startup Still Missing?

Our next map update will be ready in October, 2020. You can contact us directly via our online survey if your startup is still missing on our map.

We look forward to hear from you and your team. Stay tuned and talk soon!
Your Health-Trends team.



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