The topic of digital health is still on the rise in Switzerland: The SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH MAP continued to grow in the third quarter of 2020 and we were able to welcome 9 new startups on our map in October 2020. So learn more about our latest digital health startup map-update in this blog post.

The third quarter of this year was again marked by further growth in our map. Compared to the previous quarterly update at the beginning of July, we welcomed 9 new digital health startups to the map. In the same period, however, the map was adjusted by 1 startup, resulting in a net growth of 8 new startups on the map. These adjustments are due to new information (e.g. discontinuation of business activities, relocation of headquarters abroad, etc.) that reaches us from the community. 

Although our map is branded by Health-Trends, it lives from the many and numerous inputs from the Swiss health and innovation community. These inputs are especially valuable in turbulent times like the ones we are currently experiencing and help us to keep the map up-to-date. At the same time, the map helps to increase the visibility of start-ups in the market and can thus contribute to the overall digital health eco-system in Switzerland. Therefore we are proud to present you the latest update for October 2020, in cooperation with many national and international supporters:

The map is divided into 7 different categories. The division into categories is based on a self-declaration by the startups, which fill out an online survey. Learn more about the categories here and download the map in high resolution via the button below.

About the New Joiners

Compared to the last map edition of October 2020, another 9 Swiss digital health startups have been identified. Afterward, we will briefly introduce you to the 9 newly added startups. The content is based on our online startup survey, with which the individual startups themselves have registered with us.

If you now notice that your own digital health startup is still missing on the map, jump to the link at the bottom of the second last section. This will take you directly to our online survey and you will be included in the next map update.


Alsydia provides solutions to streamline medical device supply chain and e-health services. Learn more here:

Asthma Guardian

Asthma Guardian enables patients to monitor their chronic respiratory disease with unprecedented ease and convenience. With our AI-based solution, patients only need to place their smartphones in their bedroom at night to monitor their disease and to receive alerts in times of medical necessity. Learn more here:

Centiva Health

Centiva Health offers a fair incentive platform for individuals to share health data while preserving the privacy of the individual at the same time. Individuals receive incentives in the form of digital currency. Blockchain technology enables confidential matchmaking between patients and organizations seeking data and lets the individuals decide with whom they want to share their data. Currently, Centiva Health is used in the context of rare diseases and population health, i.e., outbreak monitoring. Learn more here:

Dupraz Informatique

Dupraz Informatique develops a SaaS solution to manage the medical practice (planning, invoicing, web appointment, reminder, unified communication, …). Learn more here:


heyPatient offers mobile health as a service with an integrated patient app. The app organizes appointments, keeps your health dossier at hand and connects to your hospital for digital entry and appointment scheduling. Learn more here:


OptiChronix develops a single “closed loop” knowledge-based application addressing fragmentation of care, lack of continuous tracking of patient health progress, and provides a personalized digital intervention based on continuous measuring of biometrics and digital biomarkers, improving quality of life for patients and caregivers affected by dementia. Learn more here:


Uplyfe offers a plug& play B2B2C health platform (AI supported) to insurers, employers and medical service providers who want to create digital health programs and track their impact in an agile and data-driven way. With a few clicks, complex care programs can be configured exactly how our licence partners need by picking out of 30 clinical nutrition plans, large exercise libraries, early risk alert algorithms based on symptom and biomarker tracking, prompts for health actions and specialists’ chats to integrate partners to the therapy. Uplyfe focuses on secondary and tertiary prevention in the field of the metabolic syndrome and inflammatory diseases. Learn more here:


VAY solves the problem of MSKs by bringing professional motion analysis to end-consumer devices. This allows collecting the same data in prevention, diagnostics, and rehabilitation, enabling a much more connected approach to fight this number 1 cause for physical disability world wide. Basically, VAY brings a complex motion analysis lab to your smartphone. Learn more here:

XK Solution

XK Solution measures contactless micromovements, such as the respiratory and heartbeat frequency or movement index of people. Accuracy at 95%. The company provides a solution for fall-prevention and detection without any cameras. GDPR conform. HIPAA compliant data management. Learn more here:


Xandar Kardian offers new and contactless possibilities of monitoring vital signs such as pulse, respiratory rate as well as the detection and prevention of falls. With our patented IR- UWB- Radar technology, healthcare institutions can increase the safety of patients and residents by early detection of deviations from the norm and react accordingly. We are happy to be part of the SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH MAP, as it allows us to further increase our reach and visibility in the market.
Moreno Furler, XK Solution GmbH 

Is Your Startup Still Missing?

Our next map update will be ready in January, 2021. You can contact us directly via our online survey if your startup is still missing on our map.

We look forward to hear from you and your team. Stay tuned and talk soon!
Your Health-Trends team.



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