As a Swiss think tank for healthcare and digital health innovation, Health-Trends has set itself the goal of highlighting global technology trends in healthcare and addressing them specifically against the background of the Swiss healthcare system. Learn more about these initiatives in this blog post.

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Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) or genomics are changing our healthcare system rapidly. As a think tank for innovations in healthcare, we want to contribute to understanding the background of these technological developments and create transparency. In particular, our goal is to place these technological trends in the context of the Swiss healthcare system and to identify concrete industry initiatives based on these technologies.

Specific content initiatives for the Swiss healthcare system

Our research activities focus on Swiss digital health start-ups as well as established companies (e.g. hospitals, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical and medtech companies, etc.) that drive innovation and create new products and services based on these technologies. On the one hand, we would like to create transparency about the status quo of these technologies in the Swiss healthcare market. On the other hand, we would like to focus on problems and challenges in the healthcare system (e.g. lack of transparency, lack of networking among the players, more efficient therapies and medications, etc.) and analyze how these initiatives contribute to the solution.

Call for Startups and Experts

In the coming months, we will therefore collect data on initiatives, companies and the general market environment for the technologies AI, IoT and genomics, and then summarize our findings in clear market reports. And for this, we are dependent on YOUR help. If you work for a company or healthcare organization that drives initiatives or develops products and services based on these three technologies, please fill out the respective questionnaires (click on the individual icons). It takes about 5 minutes to participate in our survey.

AI Industry Report
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IoT Industry Report
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Genomics Industry Report
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The reports will be made available for download on our website after finalization. Survey participants who provide information will then receive a final report on the respective technology. A similar report was published for blockchain already this April and sent to the participating persons or organizations/companies. You can find more information about this report here.

We look forward to hearing from you. Reach out to us via e-mail if you have any questions about our content initiatives. Your Health-Trends team.


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