In the fourth quarter of 2020, Health-Trends again welcomed 7 new Swiss digital health startups to our SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH MAP. The map also appears in a new consolidated form. Learn more about the reasons for this change in this blog post.

The fourth quarter of this year was again marked by further growth in our map. Compared to the previous quarterly update at the beginning of October, we welcomed 7 new Swiss digital health startups to the map. In the same period, however, the map was adjusted fundamentally and shows now a total of 171 Swiss digital health startups. Why this revision?

The SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH MAP comes with a consolidated look

Health-Trends revises the SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH MAP once a year and reviews all companies that are depicted on it. Our team made intensive use of the Christmas holidays and carried out a thorough update. In doing so, we would particularly like to map active digital health startups on the map, which is why we pay attention to various points during this revision:

  • Status of the company (i.e. active, in liquidation, etc. based on ZEFIX commercial register entry) and
  • development of the company (in terms of revenue, funding, team, company location, etc.).

If our team comes to the conclusion that a startup status is no longer given, a startup has ceased its activities or has moved its headquarters abroad, it is removed from the map. Of course, we also rely on your help from the Swiss digital health community here. If you hear news about individual startups that are relevant to their status, please let our team know via email ( or via our social media channels.

These are the new joiners on our map in January, 2021

Although our map is branded by Health-Trends, it lives from the many and numerous inputs from the Swiss health and innovation community. These inputs are especially valuable in turbulent times like the ones we are currently experiencing and help us to keep the map up-to-date. At the same time, the map helps to increase the visibility of start-ups in the market and can thus contribute to the overall digital health eco-system in Switzerland. Therefore we are proud to present you the latest update for January 2021, in cooperation with many national and international supporters:

The map is divided into 7 different categories. The division into categories is based on a self-declaration by the startups, which fill out an online survey. Learn more about the categories here and download the map in high resolution via the button below.

About the new joiners

Compared to the last map edition of October 2020, another 7 Swiss digital health startups have been identified. Afterward, we will briefly introduce you to the 7 newly added startups. The content is based on our online startup survey, with which the individual startups themselves have registered with us.

If you now notice that your own digital health startup is still missing on the map, jump to the link at the bottom of the second last section. This will take you directly to our online survey and you will be included in the next map update.

Dhygee SA

Dhygee is a start-up dedicated to the management of rare diseases and chronic conditions. Dhygee has developed PurpleCare, a digital solution that combines a disease management tool with a telemedicine platform for epilepsy. The system will ultimately serve as a data and/or analytics provider for health authorities, to improve medical practice and disease management, and for pharmaceutical companies. Learn more here: AG is a clinical decision support service for physicians and pharmacists which is affordable and easily accessible. The service uses AI and algorithms to predict the risk and exposure in polypharmacy and creates a personalised medication review. Learn more here:

Health Yourself AG

Health Yourself is on a mission to “only see a doctor when the patient need one”. Currently the doctor or telmed are the starting points to get tested, diagnosed and treated. Health Yourself brings control to the consumer, by an online offering of medical tests in the form of home sampling kits and by offering fixed price diagnosis and treatment plans for specific conditions. Learn more here:


PIPRA AG (short for Pre-Interventional Preventive Risk Assessment) is developing a cutting-edge AI-based pre-operative test to assess patient’s risk of suffering from cognitive disorders after a surgery. Learn more here:


QUMEA wants to become the standard in fall prevention and mobility monitoring for persons in need of care. In future, the QUMEA sensor is to be a fixed component of the room infrastructure in every hospital room and nursing home, comparable to a fire alarm. The sensor, combined with artificial intelligence and a user-friendly app, will relieve the burden of care and protects the patient. Learn more here:

TalisLife Sarl

TalisLife is an easy-to-use digital health platform that measures and improves energy levels and resilience to stress, and provides early detection and prevention of burnout – allowing to perform at your best, sustainably every day while anticipating health risks. Learn more here:

Trifact AG

Trifact manufactures compact bedside devices including the appropriate app for hospitals and nursing homes. With the triNode solution, Trifact offers the first intelligent plug and play room controller available on the market. The triNode connects room functions such as reading light, room light, blind control and nurse call from the entertainment device to the entertainment solution. Learn more here:

We are proud to be part of the SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH MAP. Trifact is looking forward to affirming the Swiss Health market and bringing in new ideas and approaches.
Patrik Basler, Trifact AG

Is your startup still missing?

Our next map update will be ready in April, 2021. You can contact us directly via our online survey if your startup is still missing on our map. We look forward to hear from you and your team. Stay tuned and talk soon!
Your Health-Trends team.

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