Our SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH MAP continued to grow in the first quarter of 2021 and we were able to welcome 15 new startups on our map in April 2021. So, learn more about our latest digital health startup map-update in this blog post.

The first quarter of this year was again marked by further growth in our map. Compared to the previous quarterly update at the beginning of January 2021, we welcomed 15 new digital health startups to the map. In the same period, however, the map was adjusted by 4 startups, resulting in a net growth of 11 new startups on the map. These adjustments are due to new information (e.g. discontinuation of business activities, relocation of headquarters abroad, etc.) that reaches us from the community. 

In addition to the general updates in our startup database, the last quarter was also characterized by intensive research work in the context of our SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH VC Map and the associated report (see our related blog post). In this context, the Health-Trends team intensively revised the startup database and asked various digital health startups for an update. In the course of this update work, other Swiss digital health startups also became aware of us and contacted us to have their logo published on our map. This explains the strong growth in this quarter. Therefore we are proud to present you the latest update for April 2021, in cooperation with many national and international supporters (click on the map picture for high resolution image):

About the new joiners

Afterward, we will briefly introduce you to the 15 newly added startups. The content is based on our online startup survey, with which the individual startups themselves have registered with us.

If you now notice that your own digital health startup is still missing on the map, jump to the link at the bottom of the second last section. This will take you directly to our online survey, and we will include you in the next map update.

Digital Health Circles

Digital Circles Health is a cloud-based corporate health platform that integrates all corporate health services, online medical consultation, live health programmes and coaching, health insurance plans and live health communities and interaction. Learn more here: www.digital-circles.com

Futurae Technologies

Frictionless and secure authentication for your digital business.
Futurae – enabling trust and invisible security for your users on all devices and applications. Strong customer authentication (SCA) made easy. Learn more here: https://futurae.com

Gondola Medical Technologies

Gondola Medical Technologies is a Swiss MedTech company offering Gondola AMPS, a clinically-proven, side-effect free and non-invasive therapy to improve walking, empowering patients to move better and live better. Learn more here: www.gondola-medical.com


LifeDrop is a unique multisensorial pod, in which the user can take a moment in a private space – in order to escape, relax, and recharge the batteries. The experience is accompanied by visuals (video), lights, sounds, and scents. Designed to enhance mental-health, the wellbeing programs range from mindfulness, light- and soundtherapy, to nature experiences. Learn more here: www.life-drop.ch


Magnes developed a disruptive real-life-monitoring solution to analyze walk patterns of patients of neurological disorders. Learn more here: www.magnes.ch

Medisanté Group

Medisanté seamlessly connects healthcare providers in real-time with data that patients self-measure for chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, or obesity. Medisanté gives healthcare providers turnkey telemonitoring with concrete insights on multiple disease conditions. Seamless integration of patients’ devices into the Connected Care platform, as well as secure in-country data hosting, opens up new perspectives for government healthcare systems to optimize costs in patient care. Learn more here: https://www.medisante-group.com/


Naviswiss has made surgical navigation smarter and smaller and puts it in the hands of the orthopaedic surgeon. Learn more here: www.naviswiss.eu


OxyPrem AG is a medical device manufacturer which offers high-quality brain oxygen monitoring equipment. It is predominantly directed at high-risk patients such as preterm-born children. Currently, the OxyPrem sensor system is in use in 30+ European specialist hospitals and has been CE marked since September 2019. OxyPrem is raising funds of about CHF 3-4 million in 2021 to execute a broad-scale market entry in 2022. Learn more here: https://www.oxyprem.com


Sleeboo is on a mission to boost everyone’s sleep! As a curated, niche marketplace, Sleeboo brings both expert knowledge and best sleep product offering in one place. We partner with sleep experts and researchers to create content (blog, webinars, interviews) to support our community on the journey to better sleep, provide them with some actionable tools and inspire them to re-think their sleep habits, sleep environment etc. Learn more here: www.sleeboo.com


TWIICE is an exoskeleton that enables paralyzed people to stand up and walk again so that they can regain mobility and independence in daily life. We have built the lightest and most portable exoskeleton in the world and we have just won the silver medal at the olympic games of exoskeletons called the Cybathlon. Learn more here: www.twiice.com


The ETH spin-off Uepaa AG is the mobile pioneer for tracking, alerting and rescue (TAR). Their first product, the Uepaa® Safety App, was successfully launched in Switzerland in 2013 and subsequently launched throughout Europe. The revolutionary peer-to-peer (P2P) technology of the ETH Zurich, which was used, successfully demonstrated this leading position. It even allowed the surveillance and rescue of people outside the cell phone network. This multi-award-winning product (e.g. at the World Mobile Congress, ISPO) developed lastingly into today’s industry standard for lone worker safety. The daily companion for thousands of employees at dangerous work or when working alone. Learn more here: www.uepaa.ch

umana e-health

As a digital health platform, umana e-health simplifies the information exchange in healthcare by streamlining appointment bookings, direct messaging, medication regimes, prescription exchanges and data storage in one single application. Learn more here: www.umana.ch

Visionary docbox

With docbox, valuable services are available that make it possible to use the advantages of the Internet for better healthcare. With docbox, we connect the practising physician with other healthcare providers and with the patient. Today, more than 13,000 doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, life science companies and other service providers are docbox users. Learn more here: https://docbox.ch/


Vivior is a Swiss digital health start-up founded in 2017 by a group of experienced eye care professionals. The company offers a novel wearable device – the Vivior Monitor – to objectively measure visual behavior prior to vision correction interventions. The system collects daily activity data from customers and patients, processes these data in the cloud, and analyzes the lifestyle patterns using machine-learning algorithms. This ground-breaking combination allows to understand better the needs of customers and patients and enables eye care professionals to offer optimal personalized solutions to them. Learn more here: www.vivior.com


Be your own dentist: Working towards an artificial dentist to diagnose and track dental diseases remotely. Our current smart intra-oral camera analyses the user’s dental hygiene and helps to improve Learn more here: https://www.zaamigo.com

Is your digital health startup still missing?

Our next map update will be ready in July, 2021. You can contact us directly via our online survey if your startup is still missing on our map.

We look forward to hearing from you and your team. Stay tuned and talk soon!
Your Health-Trends team.

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