The MAS in eHealth of the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons is based in Zurich and prepares management figures for digitisation in the healthcare sector. Health-Trends and the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons have recently agreed on a partnership and will collaborate intensively on the topic of eHealth and specifically on this new MAS. Learn more in this blog post about this new degree program.

Digitisation is on everyone’s lips and has also reached healthcare as one of the most important sectors. Irrespective of whether we are talking about digital health, eHealth, mHealth or Health 4.0, the opportunities and challenges presented by technological developments are occupying all players in the healthcare sector.

Improving quality and efficiency through technological advances

Technological advances are opening up completely new possibilities for innovative companies in this segment. There is enormous potential for improving quality and efficiency within the healthcare sector as well as for the provision of better integrated and more patient-focused care. When it comes to eHealth, there is development potential in Switzerland, however. This is shown by the Digital Health Index of the Bertelsmann Foundation, according to which the level of digitisation in the Swiss healthcare sector is low compared to other European countries. In particular, Switzerland has catching up to do with respect to the implementation of digital health applications. The electronic patient record, the recording and evaluation of health data using mobile apps, communication between doctors and hospitals via a platform, video consultations – these are just a few examples of digital applications that are currently leading to far-reaching change in the Swiss healthcare sector. Such changes affect both consumers and patients as well as the business models of service providers and suppliers, the internal processes of companies and their management tools. This is where the MAS in eHealth comes into play.

The MAS enables to plan and implement complex eHealth projects

The job-concurrent further education course provides participants with the necessary knowledge and key skills for shaping and guiding the digital transformation at companies in the healthcare sector. The MAS in eHealth focuses on the management perspective, as the digital transformation represents less of a technological change and more of a cultural shift. The MAS places an emphasis on the opportunities that digitisation presents for healthcare companies and the corresponding challenges that it poses for middle and upper management. Participants receive an insight into the current status, trends and developments of digitisation in the healthcare sector, identify corresponding key drivers, analyse the level of digitisation at selected companies and are enabled to plan and implement eHealth projects in a structured manner. In terms of content, focus is also placed on digital business models and platforms, technological innovations, data-driven healthcare, legal and regulatory framework conditions, operative management and digital transformation strategies. Examples of the application of big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain in the healthcare sector are also observed and assessed according to ethical and data protection considerations. The course is rounded off by an intensive week in Berlin, with exciting excursions and company visits.

Our partners from the healthcare sector provide support in ensuring practical relevance, quality and relevant course content. Expert lecturers from the world of practice are guaranteed in this course.

Information evenings are held regularly on a virtual basis as well as on-site in Zurich. Current data in this regard, as well as further detailed information, can be found at the following address:

If you have any further questions, you can also contact the two directors of studies, Prof. Günter Bader and Sandra Burdet (telephone 081 286 24 32,

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