Behind Health-Trends are several creative minds with many years of experience and a broad network in the Swiss startup and innovation scene as well as in the healthcare sector.


Stefan Koller is an entrepreneur, consultant, and innovator. He has been involved in the Swiss startup scene for many years – primarily in the areas of FinTech and digital marketing. Stefan studied health sciences and economics and has several years of experience in management consulting. Stefan currently works for e-foresight – Swisscom Think Thank for Trends and Innovations in Banking. His focus is on trend scouting, early innovation phases, and the development of new products, services, and business models for financial institutions. In addition to his consulting activities, Stefan is himself an entrepreneur with the Analytics Startup


Matthias Mettler is a business economist and consultant. He is an expert on the Swiss digital health and innovation scene. The passionate networker has been active in management consulting for several years and currently works for Synpulse Management Consulting. The focus of his consulting work is on digital business building and new customer-oriented business models in healthcare. Before consulting, Matthias worked in various business development positions and was active in the startup scene for some time.


Denise Bernhart is an ETH graduated health scientist. She was a part of a Swiss health start-up during her studies and since then has continued to follow the scene in the same vein. After her studies, Denise worked for various positions in healthcare consulting. Currently, she is holding a customer success position at Xatena enabling healthcare providers to digitize their sourcing processes for medical goods and equipment.


Disclaimer: Our motivation is to provide more transparency regarding various trends and developments in the Swiss healthcare market and, in particular, to generate positive impulses for the development of startups and entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector. We pursue our activities as a hobby alongside our professional commitment and make the information available free of charge. Health-Trends is not founded.


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