Health-Trends publishes the first exclusive SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH Map in Switzerland. The map provides an overview of the Swiss digital health startup landscape. Currently, our team has identified 189 Swiss digital health startups.


Health-Trends regularly highlights the Swiss startup environment and includes new digital health startups on the SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH Map. The map provides a comprehensive overview of the Swiss digital health startup environment. The map is updated every quarter. It is available free of charge.

How Is The Map Structured?

The SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH Map is divided into seven categories. As the map shows, most startups are currently in the categories “Data-Driven Insights” and “HCP Decision Support”. The following listing shows how the individual categories differ thematically:

Data Driven Insights:

This category includes startups that launch data-driven business models and derive insights for medical treatment from the data. This category also contains startups with a strong focus on new technologies (e.g., artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT).

Chronic Care:

Startups that deal with the topic of chronic diseases and, for example, develop new digital therapy approaches for chronically ill patients are grouped under the category “Chronic Care”. 

HCP Decision Support:

Startups that focus on medical service providers (i.e., doctors, hospitals, pharmacies) and provide them with digitally supported decision aids for everyday medical life (e.g., digital documentation and triage aids, simulations) are listed in the “HCP Decision Support” section. 

Patient HCP Collaboration:

Startups whose solutions focus on process innovation and help to reduce media disruptions on the Health Customer Journey due to new digital collaboration opportunities between medical service providers (i.e., doctors, hospitals, pharmacies) and patients are grouped in the category “Patient HCP Collaboration”. 

Market Information and Advisory Portal:

Startups that aggregate market information in healthcare, create transparency in the market or offer patients orientation and information (e.g., evaluations, second opinions, information portals) are summarized under the category “Market Information and Advisory Portal”. 

Quantified Self:

Startups that provide services for long-term tracking and monitoring of a patient’s health status, especially to end customers in the healthcare sector (i.e., patients but also healthy people), are grouped in the “Quantified Self” category. 


All other startups that cannot be assigned to one of the above categories are listed in the category “Others”

Register Your Digital Health Startup

Are you part of a Swiss digital health startup and is it still missing on our map? Register your startup via our online survey and have your startup placed on the SWISS DIGITAL HEALTH Map. We will check your information and will bring it on our map during the next quarterly update.