As an independent health think tank, we focus our research activities in particular on screening the Swiss digital health startup environment and on new trends and technologies in healthcare. Our team regularly produces comprehensive trend reports, which are made available on this page.
Technology Reports

New technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, genomics, or blockchain have the potential to change our healthcare system fundamentally. Health-Trends regularly highlights these topics in reports and places them in the context of the Swiss healthcare system.


Blockchain Report

The aim of this report is to give an exemplary overview of the topic of blockchain in the healthcare system. On the following pages the principles of the technology, different fields of application and, based on these, exemplary blockchain initiatives of healthcare stakeholders are described. The authors have deliberately focused on individual initiatives without claiming to be complete. The report concludes with an overview of Swiss healthcare start-ups that offer products and services based on blockchain. Health-Trends publishes this report once a year in April.



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